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About Us

Why Eggsy

We know you have options—lots of them. But how can you cut the chase and quickly find fresh farm produce, such as farm fresh eggs?

We make it easy for you by sourcing fresh eggs from local farms, and delivering them directly to your doorstep. We source farm eggs weekly on demand, meaning you’ll no longer have to eat ‘old’ eggs—supermarket eggs can be anywhere between 2 to 7 weeks old even before they get on the shelves.

With Eggsy, you just need to decide which subscription option you want, then sit back, relax, save time and eat healthy.

Who We Are

Eggsy stemmed from our passion for natural whole foods. Eating healthy and fresh benefits both our body and our mind. Fresh eggs naturally fight depression and keep us in a positive mood. 

As part of our 2015 new year resolution, my husband and I started making our own breakfasts on weekends. We started by using supermarket eggs for our breakfast omelets, but soon switched to farm eggs due to the freshness and the richer, sweeter taste of them. It was a bit of a hassle for us to get up and source farm eggs every Saturday morning until we established connections with several local farms. As an extension of that, we started this farm eggs delivery/subscription service to help more Austin families to save time and eat healthy.